PLC is large enough to provide a wealth of opportunities, yet small enough for each individual girl to be known, cared for and valued. 

Our Student Wellbeing program is an integral part of an inclusive culture where staff lead by example, students’ voices are valued, and where diversity and personal excellence are celebrated across a school community that champions the development of every individual.

The program is headed by the Deputy Principal Wellbeing, Head of Junior School, Director of Student Wellbeing and implemented by a team of Year Level Co-ordinators and class teachers. Counsellors provide support while the Director of Christian Ministries provides spiritual guidance and encouragement for girls of every faith.

Junior School

In the Junior School, we believe that healthy relationships are based upon a foundation of clear and open communication. Our staff work with girls to encourage them to be active participants, valued for their thoughts, ideas and involvement in the school community. Our PSD (Personal and Social Development) program assists students in developing self-esteem and confidence through a range of strategies that lead to positive relationships and successful interpersonal skills. Student wellbeing is overseen by the Head of Student Wellbeing and supported by our very capable team of staff.

Programs in the Junior School include:

  • A comprehensive, whole-school Personal and Social Development program
  • School assemblies that explore the values of connectedness, acceptance and belonging
  • Student Representative Council
  • Year 6 Action teams where girls can contribute to the life of the school in various ways
  • Gardening club for Middle Primary students
  • Authentic service opportunities run by Kids in Philanthropy
  • Cross-age buddies between the Prep and Year 5 students
  • House and inter-class activity days
  • Transition program for girls moving from Junior School to Senior School
  • Transition program for girls moving from ELC/Kinder to Junior School
  • Support from the school Counselling Department

Senior School

In the Senior School, student care, wellbeing and an appreciation of the social, ethical and cultural influences that shape our lives, are supported by our Wellbeing and Personal Development program which is designed to address the girls’ needs at different stages of their development.

The Wellbeing program provides a sequential focus for each year level, including:

Year 7
  • The transition to Senior School
  • Peer-to-peer programs with Year 11 “buddies”
  • A five day outdoor education experience
  • Social and emotional learning that focuses on healthy friendships
  • Weekly Personal Development classes with Form teachers
 Year 8
  • Wise and Well Day program
  • Cyber-safety and Digital Citizenship sessions
  • Personal Development classes
  • A five-day outdoor education experience
 Year 9
  • OutLook.9 – An innovative learning adventure involving three separate weeks spent exploring the Victorian bush, PLC's local community and Melbourne's city centre
  • Optional involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award program
  • Personal Development classes
  • Social and emotional learning that promotes character strengths and "being well"
Year 10
  • Work experience and job skills workshops
  • SILK (Service, Initiative, Leadership, Knowledge), which includes “Big Sister, Little Sister”, Year 7 camp leadership and House magazines
  • Keep Rising Transition program 
  • A two-day Participation in Politics (PIP) program exploring our democratic society
  • A five-day outdoor education experience
  • Optional involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program 
 Year 11
  • Wellness in Motion program, emphasising balanced approach and physical health
  • Mentoring of Year 7 students
  • Career sessions and advice
  • Leadership Camp
  • Patchwork Committee
  • World Vision 40 Hour Famine Committee
 Year 12
  • A regular program of speakers, information sessions and specialist-led activities
  • Personal Development and Wellbeing Program
  • Careers sessions and advice
  • School leadership roles and responsibilities