At PLC, we offer a number of highly sought after scholarships to students entering the Secondary School. Scholarships awarded can be for an amount up to 50% of the annual basic tuition fees unless specified otherwise below. The number and type of scholarships awarded is dependent upon the quality of applicants and the places available. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Principal, whose decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Academic (Council) Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded on the basis of outstanding achievement in the ACER scholarship examination, the candidate’s most recent school report and in some cases, an interview.

General Excellence Scholarships 

General Excellence scholarships may be offered at each of the levels. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of high achievement in the ACER examination, the candidate’s most recent school report, evidence of co-curricular involvement, leadership, sporting activities, membership of clubs and in some cases, an interview. 

VCE/IB General Excellence Scholarships 

Open to students entering Year 11 in 2025, the VCE/IB General Excellence Scholarships are awarded to students who achieve a high result in the ACER examination and have demonstrated achievements in the area(s) of Sport, the Arts, Leadership or Community Service. 

Boarding Scholarships 

These are awarded on the basis of performance in the ACER scholarship examination, financial need and in some cases, an interview. Applicants who are able to demonstrate a capacity for leadership and participation in co-curricular activities are favoured. 

These awards may cover up to a maximum of 50% of the boarding fees to the end of Year 12. (Maximum of six years). In some circumstances they may be extended to include a contribution towards the annual tuition fees.

Music Scholarships 

Candidates must first sit the ACER scholarship examination for assessment of academic ability, after which shortlisted candidates will audition with the Director of Music.

Music scholarships cover a proportion of the academic tuition fees and may also cover a private lesson in either one or two instruments. These scholarships are tenable for the duration of secondary studies (maximum of six years) and are open to candidates who show outstanding talent in an orchestral or band instrument, piano or voice.

As a general guide, candidates who apply for a music scholarship should have achieved the following minimum AMEB grades (or equivalent):

  • Woodwind - AMEB Grade 3
  • Brass - AMEB Grade 3
  • Voice - AMEB Grade 3
  • Strings - AMEB Grade 6
  • Piano - AMEB Grade 6

A successful candidate would be required to learn from a member of the PLC music staff and are expected to play a full and meaningful role in the life of the College in general, and the Music School in particular.