Junior School

In the Junior School we are already preparing our girls to become leaders. Our staff work as a team to nurture the girls’ understanding of themselves and the impact they may have, either in a negative or positive manner, on those around them.

While they are developing their self-confidence and are learning to take on leadership roles, they also begin to appreciate the values of teamwork, negotiation and the effect that strong public speaking skills can have on an audience.

From Year 3, girls have the opportunity to become Class Captains and Student Council Representatives. In Year 5, girls buddy with Prep students in mentoring and guiding roles.

Through these and many more programs, our girls lay the foundations for the leadership duties and responsibilities carried out by our Year 6 students in their final year in the Junior School.

Senior School

True leadership involves serving others in a meaningful way. 

At PLC, we provide girls with the tools and insights they need to develop a clear sense of purpose and identity, and to lay the foundations for their roles as the leaders of tomorrow's world. Our vision for the girls is that they become courageous and compassionate global citizens with a deep willingness to serve others.

As a result, we harness and nurture our students’ capacity for meaningful service and leadership from their time in the Junior School through to the end of Year 12. Through a variety of carefully tailored programs, PLC girls experience opportunities to develop effective teamwork skills and strong leadership abilities as they journey through the school.

While cultivating the girls’ individual capabilities, PLC staff demonstrate that true leadership also involves effectively championing the unique gifts and talents of others around them.

Leadership opportunities include participation in a diverse range of committees such as the Social Action Committee and the school magazine (Patchwork) Committee, and standing for elected representation at House, co-curricular, year and whole-school levels.

Girls in Year 9, those studying for the International Baccalaureate (IB), and those participating in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, have opportunities to undertake a range of community service activities outside the College as part of their curriculum.

Year 11 girls are elected by the student body for leadership roles in Year 12. The Year 12 senior leadership team, led by our School and Vice Captains, incorporates roles and responsibilities representing every field of interest and endeavour in PLC life.

One of our key leadership and service programs is the student-led relationship with our sister school, Neno Girls’ School in Malawi, Africa. PLC students have raised almost $200,000 over recent years and this money has helped improve the learning and living environments of the girls and staff at Neno. 

PLC House System

New students are placed into School Houses when they first start at PLC. Through theses houses, girls participate in a wide range of team and individual events, challenges and social activities.

PLC House System Flyer

Overseas opportunities

PLC offers many optional overseas travel and study tours for students, including music, sports, social action, curriculum-based and language tours. Through these travel and study tours, girls learn to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of the world around them, laying strong foundations for becoming confident and capable future global citizens.

Language tours enable the translation into real-life experiences of a language learned in the classroom. Girls learn first-hand the subtleties of a native language’s nuances in its own context and culture.

PLC also offers overseas tours to Germany, Japan and China, France and the United States, as well as many additional destinations across Europe.