Junior School

The Outdoor Education program carried out by our Junior School takes girls from Year 3 to Year 6 out of their usual environments and immerses them in a range of unique activities designed to expand their personal horizons.

Year 3
During this trip - their very first camp - the girls stay overnight in a beautiful bush setting, engaging in a range of outdoor activities carefully tailored for young children. 

Year 4
At the start of Year 4, girls spend two days at a scenic coastal venue, enjoying the swimming, snorkelling and coastal exploration that bring classroom marine studies to life.

Year 5
In Year 5, the girls stay at Ballarat's Sovereign Hill for two nights, dressing in period costumes and attending school the way it used to be more than 100 years ago. Making damper, panning for gold, exploring old mines and seeing spectacular night exhibitions are just some of the many unique activities they experience on this interactive and engaging excursion.

Year 6
Being in a beautiful coastal setting at Camp Manyung is the ideal way for girls to finish their final year in Junior School, while helping develop team-building skills, independence and resilience. It also helps to prepare the girls for the diverse outdoor education program which is offered in the Senior School.
Joyce Camp
The optional two-night Joyce (Joy in Christian Education) camp is held in a bush setting, and fosters and nurtures the girls' Christian faith.

Senior School

PLC's Outdoor Education program is designed to challenge our students in many and varied ways. It aims to open the eyes of our predominantly urban-based students to the wonder and beauty of Australia’s natural environment through many exciting activities.
Our carefully tailored, sequential Outdoor Education Program links closely with the curriculum from Year 7 to Year 11, seeking to broaden students’ horizons with new challenges beyond the classroom. Through these unique experiences, the girls begin their own journeys of self-discovery, developing self confidence, independence and resilience.
By encouraging participation and a “have a go” attitude, our Outdoor Education program helps girls develop a strong sense of self and to be confident in the natural world.

Year 9 Camp at Lake Eildon

Year 7
The year 7 program is held over five days in Term 1 in a bush environment. Girls share the experiences of canoeing, rafting, bush-walking and camping, while establishing friendships as they start their Senior School journey at PLC together. The focus in Year 7 is on having fun and also on empowering girls with a strong sense of resilience and responsibility. 
Year 8
In a beautiful coastal environment, girls sleep in tents, cook meals and explore their surroundings as they engage in bush-walking, canoeing and surfing. During the week, the girls learn to appreciate the importance of environmental sustainability and the natural world around them. 
Year 9
This camp is part of the year-long Year 9 OutLook program. It is a metaphorical and literal journey as girls travel in small, self-sufficient groups through Australian bush, lake and river environments. The focus is on teamwork and the achievement of personal goals, with opportunities for personal reflection and the development of an appreciation of the natural surroundings.
Year 10
Girls in Year 10 can choose their own outdoor adventure from a wide range of offerings that include horse-riding, rock-climbing, bush-walking, and a variety of aquatic activities such as surfing, scuba diving, sailing and rafting. Girls take responsibility for menu planning, budgeting, shopping and cooking for their camp group. The focus in Year 10 is on meeting new challenges, developing persistence, and enjoying breaking away from the everyday routine.
Year 11
The Year 11 program focuses on developing leadership skills and encourages the girls to establish strong relationships within their House group in preparation for their final year of school. Girls participate in a range of indoor and outdoor activities in a bush setting, while celebrating their final outdoor education experience as a group.