Choosing a girls' school

Choosing a school for a child is an important decision for any parent and one that is dependent on the needs of the individual student. Some children are more naturally predisposed to a certain kind of learning environment, while for others this might not be immediately apparent. 

While we understand the need for different kinds of schools for different kinds of students, it is our strong belief that single-sex education is the ideal option for girls. 

Girls-only schools are specialists in girls' education and are best positioned to educate and inspire female students of all ages. Research on the benefits of single-sex education for girls repeatedly confirms PLC’s experience since 1875: that girls-only education in an environment free from gender stereotyping enables female students to flourish and to maximise their social, emotional and academic potential. 

In co-educational schools, girls have to compete with boys for resources, attention and leadership opportunities. Single-sex schools allow girls to be more confident and competitive, and student leadership roles are 100 per cent available to girls in single-sex schools.

At PLC, we are committed to ensuring that all students are given every opportunity to achieve their personal and academic best.