The Christian foundation of PLC is expressed in our motto, Lex dei vitae lampas: The law of God is the lamp of life.

PLC is a Christian school that is firm in its faith and its commitment to reflecting the loving nature of God in all areas of school life. We educate our girls so that they understand life on the basis of biblical truth, and are motivated to walk with God to serve Him in their lives.

PLC is committed to maintaining and building upon its strong Christian heritage, actively promoting and nurturing the Christian faith within the school community in an appealing way that is also reflected in the Christian Studies program that forms part of the core curriculum from ELC to Year 12.

We celebrate the Christian message through relevant and contemporary worship experiences, prayer, biblical teachings, by emphasising the links between faith and service, and by endeavouring to exemplify Gospel values in all that we do.

We promote the Gospel as foundational to life, providing opportunities for girls to explore the Christian faith, developing our chaplaincy and ministry programs, and supporting and encouraging Christian growth and fellowship within the student body and the wider PLC community.

In the Junior School the JOYCE (Joy in Christian Education) Club meets weekly at lunchtime, with girls enjoying a variety of craft activities and games which help to build and encourage faith. In the Senior School, the Christian Union group meets each week to share time together, to pray and investigate the Bible.

Parent Prayer groups are held each fortnight in both Junior and Senior School, and Family Fellowship evenings are held each term. These groups are greatly valued by the school in their support and encouragement of our Christian mission. A popular Christian Family Conference takes place every three years. 

While the fine tradition of Presbyterian education with its strong academic emphasis remains the foundation of the College, the school also responds to the diverse needs of girls growing up in the twenty-first century, instilling in them the Christian principles that will uphold them during their lives.