PLC is proud of its rich and diverse multicultural community and is committed to ensuring all students can take their place confidently and compassionately in a globally-connected world. We also acknowledge the traditional custodians and indigenous peoples of the Kulin nation. 

Our international outlook encourages students to respect and appreciate all people and cultures and be responsible, well-informed citizens who understand the complex issues facing the modern world. 

PLC is a diverse community of over 50 cultural backgrounds, which is reflective of Australia’s inclusive and tolerant multicultural society. Most students speak a language other than English, with many being fluent in two or three languages. 

PLC’s curriculum also reflects the understanding that we exist in an increasingly global context. The International Baccalaureate is offered and the broader curriculum continues to embed global competencies that will ensure our students are ready to lead, work and serve wherever their passion takes them. 

Our international mindedness underpins all aspects of a PLC education and both students and staff teach and learn in a culture of respect, tolerance and inclusion.