Empowering Girls Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Take a look
We invite you to engage with our exciting and innovative Empowering Girls Strategic Plan 2023-2027. It incorporates a refreshed expression of our vision, mission, values and strategic direction. At its heart is our girls, their formation and futures.
We’re still building on our proud history, but our purpose and practice is cutting-edge. See for yourself.


We are excited to be living into an ethos and intentional set of goals and targets that keeps the formation of empowered women of character front and centre. It’s how we will continue to educate graduates who change the world for good.

I’d be delighted to discuss any aspect of this new chapter with you and in particular how your daughter and family would benefit from being part of it. We’re forging ahead and you’d be so welcome to join us.

Cheryl Penberthy