Our Counselling Department is staffed by highly qualified, registered Psychologists and mental health professionals who work closely with all members of the PLC community, to provide short-term counselling and support services to all students and their families.

The PLC Counselling Team aims to:

  • provide a focus on early intervention, provide confidential, supportive counselling for students from the ELC to Year 12

  • assist students to develop problem-solving skills and build resilience

  • identify areas of student need and collaborate with staff to support and address social, emotional, educational and psychological needs

  • work with education staff in the development of Wellbeing programs

  • consult with, and be a resource for, families, caregivers and staff

  • conduct psychological/cognitive assessments when a need is identified

  • referral to, and liaison with, external professionals when warranted

PLC uses Powerdiary as part of the Counselling program.