Senior School

PLC is renowned for having one of the top music programs for girls in the country. 

The breadth and depth of our musical offerings are outstanding and include orchestras, classical, chamber and jazz ensembles, rock bands, Pipes and Drums and choirs of every size and style.

Our girls showcase their talents in our magnificent new Performing Arts Centre - a world-class facility.

PLC offers the following student musical group options:

  • Chamber music ensembles
  • Clarinet ensembles
  • Flute ensembles
  • Saxophone ensemble
  • Double reed ensemble
  • Choirs
  • Guitar ensembles
  • Jazz ensembles
  • Percussion ensembles
  • Keyboard ensembles
  • Pipes and drums
  • Rock bands
  • Stage bands
  • Symphony orchestra
  • String orchestras
  • String quartets
  • Chamber groups
  • Concert bands
  • Latin band

Junior School

PLC’s Music and Performing Arts programs offer girls wonderful learning and team-building opportunities that transcend the classroom, and foster a lifelong passion for music and the arts.

Complementing the curriculum-based program is a range of options for girls wanting private musical instrument lessons.

Individual piano and violin lessons can begin as early as Prep. Girls may also participate in a variety of choirs, ensembles and activities, including: 

  • 4 choirs
  • String orchestras
  • Concert bands
  • Flute ensemble
  • Chamber ensemble
  • Percussion ensemble
  • Individual and group instrumental tuition
  • Examinations in music and speech
  • Musical performances and competitions