When are scholarships being held for 2025 entry?

Details will be provided in late 2023 with the exam to be held in early 2024.  

What are the value of scholarships?

Scholarships can cover up to a maximum of 50% of the basic annual tuition fees.

Is my daughter more likely to receive a scholarship if I haven't already enrolled her at PLC?

The enrolment status of your daughter will not impact the decision in awarding her a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded both to girls who have already confirmed their seat at PLC for the future, and also to those who have not applied. Some families wish to confirm their daughter's seat ahead of sitting the scholarship exam; others prefer to take a chance and wait, knowing that it could be too late to secure a seat after scholarship results are received. This is an individual choice that each family must make.

Are means tested scholarships available?

A number of scholarships such as the Alexander Wright Wales Scholarship and Joan Montgomery Scholarship take financial need into consideration. If you wish to apply for a means tested scholarship, you can select this as an option when you complete the PLC scholarship application form. You will be required to provide copies of tax returns as evidence at the time of application.

How long do scholarships last?

Scholarships are held from the year of entry until the completion of Year 12. 

Can PLC students sit the scholarship exam? 

Current PLC Year 6 girls are eligible to sit for a Year 7 scholarship. Students currently attending PLC Senior School are not eligible to sit for the Years 8 to 11 scholarships. 

Can I sit the exam on another day?

If your daughter is unable to sit the exam on the specified date, we are unfortunately unable to offer alternative arrangements.

Can I be awarded a scholarship if I miss the exam?

In order to be considered for a scholarship, you must sit the ACER exam. 

If I sit the ACER exam for another school, does my daughter still have to sit the ACER exam for PLC?

Your daughter is required to sit the ACER exam specifically set for PLC. We do not share results with other schools.

Do we offer scholarships for Sport and Art?

Achievements in these areas are considered for General Excellence scholarships. 

I am an International Student. Can I apply for a scholarship? 

Scholarships are not available to International Students. 

When do I find out if my daughter has received a scholarship?

We aim to notify all families on the outcome of their daughter's scholarship as soon as the process has been finalised. 

Can I send in an application and supporting documents via post?

All applications must be submitted via the online application portal (the link is provided after ACER registration is complete). We cannot accept hard copies of applications or supporting documents.

For any other questions please contact Admissions on
+ 61 3 9808 5811 or email: admissions@plc.vic.edu.au