Learning is celebrated in the Junior School

The Junior School is a dynamic and vibrant learning community with a rich educational environment that helps establish strong foundations for learning and life beyond the classroom.

In the Junior School we believe the best education evolves within a context of rich relationships, where students feel safe and secure and have a strong sense of belonging. It is an environment where each girl's contribution is valued and where she can develop a sustained enthusiasm for learning. 

We encourage and enable girls to gain a strong understanding of their world. We support the girls as they progress on their journey to Senior School, by focusing on developing the whole person physically, academically, socially and spiritually. 

Friendships are important at all ages and we foster opportunities for the girls to work collaboratively and build inclusive relationships. The Christian values of love, kindness, care and respect underpin all that we do at PLC. 



Learning in the Junior School

Our tailored curriculum provides the challenges and encouragement that students need to thrive and develop at their own pace.

We foster a climate of intellectual rigour and creative thinking, utilising the latest technology across our beautifully designed, state-of-the-art Junior School. Expansive outdoor spaces allow for sport, relaxation and play.

Learning in the Junior School focuses on establishing strong literacy and numeracy skills. Opportunities include STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), social sciences, health, physical, personal and social development and the Arts. Our specialist programs include French, Computing, Art, Science, Library, Christian Education, Music, Outdoor Education, Swimming, Drama and Dance, and Physical Education.    

Our nurturing and caring teachers, who are experts in girls’ education, work to develop the resilience of all students, enabling them to thrive. Academic progress is closely monitored and teachers implement a variety of instructional techniques to ensure that our girls’ foundational years make the best use of this critical time for learning. 

Differentiated programs and language-rich classrooms serve to develop problem-solving skills and creativity across the curriculum. Vibrant, secure and challenging classes support girls to become discerning risk-takers and view mistakes as learning opportunities. Through units of inquiry, girls investigate the world, recognise their own and others’ perspectives, communicate ideas and learn to how to take action. 

Buddy program

Special relationships between Year 5 girls and Prep girls are nurtured through our “buddy” program. As part of our Leadership program, the Year 5 girls work with the Preps in the classroom and in the playground, developing strong bonds with each other, and valuing the fun and friendships that form in such a context.  

Big Sister and Little Sister program

Our Year 1 girls love having their Year 10 “Big Sisters” visit them in class during weekly sessions that are a feature of this program. The older girls prepare tasks to be completed as shared activities with their “Little Sisters”, and become role models and mentors to the younger girls.


The transition to Senior School

We understand how important it is for girls to develop new relationships, and to gain familiarity and confidence in their new Senior School learning environment. Transition sessions for Junior School girls help to smooth the process. A highlight of this program is a morning tea hosted by our College Principal.

Learning Enhancement Department

Our specialist learning enhancement teams work with class and subject teachers to identify the special talents or needs of individual children and develop programs for extension, enrichment or support.



Facilities in the Junior School

The learning environment in the Junior School allows every girl to explore and articulate her thinking, pose questions and wonder about the world around her. Our beautiful Junior School facilities feature light, spacious classrooms with flexible learning spaces, as well as tailored environments for Drama, Science, Technology, Music, Art, Library and Physical Education.

Our Technology Centre provides the latest tools for students including 3D printing and a green screen for developing videos and digital content. Music Rooms offer opportunities for small and group instrumental learning, and the huge Art Room provides a bright, sunlit and inspiring space within which to work creatively. The Exploratorium is a large space for Science as well as collaborative learning, creative thinking and problem solving.

Spacious lawns and cultivated garden zones feature throughout the Junior School and there are many netball, basketball and tennis courts, and numerous playgrounds, as well as specialised equipment for fun and play.