The K to Year 12 journey

PLC offers a leading and comprehensive educational experience located on one campus in Burwood. 

As girls develop and mature, their transition from kindergarten to primary education and then to secondary level involve small “steps up the hill” on the same campus, rather than full relocations to new and different educational settings.

A PLC girl’s Kinder to Year 12 journey begins when she is three or four years old, and progresses until she graduates at the end of Year 12. In undertaking this amazing journey, every girl establishes her own pathway to personal excellence and is helped to find her place within our diverse, caring and celebratory community.

Educational opportunities start at the earliest ages in the Early Learning Centre, where we encourage our very youngest students to be kind and conscientious, and to actively explore the beautiful and rich environment which is tailored to their needs.

As they mature, Junior School students’ days are filled with social and personal development activities across a wide range of challenging and stimulating learning experiences in and outside the classroom.

During Years 7 to 12 in the Senior School, girls enjoy our spacious and contemporary learning spaces that foster collaborative engagement, as well as niche zones which cater for individual reflection and pursuits.