At PLC, we encourage girls to participate across a diverse and engaging range of activities, opportunities and interests beyond the classroom.

Performing Arts

The PLC Performing Arts program offers a range of enjoyable and stimulating opportunities for girls to participate in theatre both on and off the stage.


The breadth and depth of our musical offering is outstanding and is at the heart of a PLC education.


At PLC, we believe all children should be active in some way, every day and we are proud of our sporting excellence on and off the field.

Outdoor Education

PLC's Outdoor Education program is designed to challenge our students and open their eyes to the wonder and beauty of Australia’s natural environment through many exciting activities.

Leadership and Service

We provide girls the tools and insights they need to develop a clear sense of purpose and identity, and to lay the foundations for their roles as the leaders of tomorrow's world.

Clubs and Activities

Girls at PLC have access to a diverse range of extra-curricular clubs and special interest activities that allow them to engage in their passions.