Welcome to PLC Melbourne

Welcome to Presbyterian Ladies’ College, located on expansive grounds in the suburb of Burwood 14km east of the CBD, in vibrant, modern Melbourne. 
Since its establishment as a quality Christian college for young women in 1875, PLC remains undoubtedly one of Australia’s leading Independent schools for girls. The balance of respected traditions and our rich heritage, together with a future-focused dynamic education, prepares our remarkable graduates with strong foundations and purposeful vision for good influence. 
PLC girls have strength and dignity. They can smile at the days to come because they are well-prepared to face life’s challenges intelligently and with resilience. Their grace, warmth, character and positive energy provides them with an optimism and joy that is distinctive. 
Our girls are encouraged to be:
  • leaders and citizens who will not withhold good when it is in their power to act
  • creative, collaborative and critical thinkers who will value add with relevant contribution
  • honourable young women who have the skills of social agility and emotional connectedness to be authentic, courageous and capable
  • young women with the knowledge of Christian values and understandings from which to draw inner strength 
For more than 140 years, PLC has played a significant role in the education of young women. Our alumnae are respected nationally and internationally as women of substance. At PLC we understand that choosing the right school for your daughter is a significant decision. I am certain that as you read the pages of our website or prospectus and make further enquiries, you will come to discover the exceptional quality that PLC offers. As a parent and educator, I understand the discernment and love that directs us to choose well for our girls.  
PLC girls develop confidence in their individual potential as they learn to navigate the knowledge economies and skill sets necessary for the 21st century. Our staff are deeply devoted to quality teaching and learning. Our students are committed to achieving excellence and support one another with genuine friendship. PLC is not a selective entry school but our girls nevertheless achieve outstanding results with the significant majority consistently placed in the top 10% of all students within Australia.
We are a large school of approximately 1,600 students from ELC to Year 12. Our boarding and campus facilities are state of the art. We provide co-curricular, sporting, music and cultural excellence. We deliver both the VCE and the International Baccalaureate and provide a comprehensive, rich and engaging curriculum. Our girls have choice, opportunities and networks that enable them to find their pathways. We provide an environment of positive education for wellbeing. Specialist educators and mentors support our girls, to pursue their interests, realise their strengths and stretch themselves to develop their potential. 
PLC is firm in its Christian foundations and produces compassionate young women with a deep sense of conviction. We encourage authenticity, integrity and the confidence to contribute. We are inclusive. We foster respect and humility. We are proud of the happy and nurturing environment of our school. We are committed to our values.
Thank you for your interest in Presbyterian Ladies’ College. We look forward to educating your daughter, sharing with you her formative school years and nurturing her strengths. The enduring friendships and sense of belonging that exist at the heart of our school will be her experience.The right school considerably shapes the special woman your daughter will become. 
A PLC education is the gift that will offer your daughter an extraordinary opportunity for an exciting future. I look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful school.
Dawn Clements