Wherever you work or travel, there is sure to be an Old Collegian not far away!

The PLC OCA is an active network of over 14,000 Old Collegians both within Australia and overseas. All students who attend PLC are automatically members of the PLC OCA for life.

Through the popular Class Reunion program, stimulating events and online communication, former students can stay in touch with old school friends and make wonderful new connections.  

By keeping informed of all the exciting changes at PLC, they can promote the College by being positive advocates and by supporting life-changing scholarships to the school.

The OCA appreciates the vital community work being undertaken by Old Collegians and awards an annual “Women Out There Fellowship” of up to $2,000 for projects which add value to a local community.

How to become involved

  • Come to an event. Learn new skills. See a film, or hear an inspiring speaker.
  • Attend your Class Reunion which are held at five-yearly intervals.
  • Read the news and find out what’s happening in the OCA section of PLC In Print.
  • Connect online through Facebook which allows you to contact former classmates.
  • Contact your nearest OCA group. With groups around Australia and overseas, there’s a local and international PLC network for you to contact when moving or travelling.
  • Support scholarships to PLC by contributing through the OCA Birthday League or the Helen Hailes Scholarship Fund for daughters and granddaughters of Old Collegians.
  • Become a mentor for younger Old Collegians and offer work experience to current students, or network across various professions. We are actively seeking new mentors.
  • Lead by example. Share your ideas for new OCA activities, organise an event, or serve as a contact person for your year group.


The PLC Old Collegians Association can be contacted via plc.melb.oca@gmail.com


One of the most important offerings by the PLC OCA is the provision of scholarships for daughters or granddaughters of Old Collegians, enabling them to attend PLC.
The OCA actively encourages Old Collegians to give back and donate to support these on-going scholarships, thus providing an opportunity for the next generation of girls to change their lives and benefit from all that a PLC education has to offer.
For more information on how to donate, please call 9805 7860 or email development@plc.vic.edu.au or plc.melb.oca@gmail.com

OCA Committee & Branches


President – Ailsa Wilson (Watson 1978),
Vice President – Denise Poon (1978), Phoebe Costello (2011)
Secretary -  Dr Mabel Yan (2011) plc.melb.oca@gmail.com
Treasurer - Dr Tang Li (2007) 
Assistant Treasurer - Naomi Wijayasinghe (Rajeswaran 2004) 
Communications - Lucy Munanto (2008)
Helen Hailes Scholarship, Birthday League - Lauris Murnane (1955) 

Regional Groups

Benalla, Secretary – Judy Cuddon (Clezy 1957), jcuddon@outlook.com 
Geelong, Contact – Anne Parton (Donaldson 1955), ivpanne@iinet.net.au
Mornington Peninsula – Jan Kirchner (Morrison 1963), lemonjam.lj@gmail.com


ACT - Morag Donaldson (1987) - plcincanberra@hotmail.com
Sydney – Julie Phillips (Rank 1961), t.j.phillips@bigpond.com
Queensland - Jenny Thompson (1965), jenj_thompson@bigpond.com


Edinburgh Scotland – Kathleen Harrison (1960), bokat.harrison@blueyonder.co.uk
Kuala Lumpur – Chee Guen Loh (1981) guenloh@hotmail.com
London UK – Andrea Melville (Blow 1994) plcoca.uk@gmail.com
Singapore - Lydia Lim (2006) lim.lyd@gmail.com 
NZ - Jane Foster (1985), jane04@bigpond.com