We all have stories that we tell and retell, a set of narratives that together make up who we are. A school is no different. At PLC, the stories of our students, staff and other community members combine with records of the campus to create the school’s identity and its history. We preserve these stories in the Archives.

The PLC Archives is a treasure trove of items that record the stories of the school. From handmade House Concert costumes to century-old notebooks full of beautiful copperplate handwriting to uniforms that reflect the clothing of eras past, the Archives are full of fascinating objects.

No less interesting are the documents, which include everything from letters home written by boarders in the 1920s to records about the similar and very different things that PLC girls learned in the past. Photographs, too, offer wonderful glimpses into the past, particularly in the early 20th century. Also significant are the books, enrolment records, publications, trophies, badges, architectural drawings, memorabilia and other documentation, clothing and objects that combine to provide a rich and insightful picture of PLC’s past and present.

Whilst the PLC Archives looks back at the school’s past, it also looks to the present and future. It grows constantly, both from active collecting of objects to document the school’s present to donations of items from the past given by our generous community. Staff and volunteers work to document these donations and share them with the school community, and the Archives has been enriched by many years of contributions and work by staff and volunteers.


Consulting the PLC Archives

The PLC Archives contains records pertaining to students, staff, campus and school life from 1875 to the present.

We welcome enquiries from Old Collegians, whom might be seeking to reconnect with their school days or refresh their memories of time at PLC. We are also happy to help academic and other researchers, general and family historians. Please note that we do not provide contact details for any individual, or information related to current students or recent graduates.

One of the most comprehensive sources of information about PLC students, staff and school life is Patchwork, the school’s annual magazine, which has been published for nearly 150 years. To access various editions of Patchwork, please contact us.

Also useful are the two histories of PLC, both can be consulted in full here.  The Ladies Came to Stay by M.O. Reid, which covers the period 1875-1960 and PLC: the first century 1875-1975 by Kathleen Fitzpatrick (1975).

For further access to the PLC Archives, please contact archives@plc.vic.edu.au or 9805 7559 to discuss the records we have that might be relevant to your search.



The PLC Archives are constantly enriched by donations from current and former staff and students, as well as their descendants. The Archives welcomes offers of materials that help to tell the history of the school, its students and staff, including:

  • Objects and documents that offer insight into school life such as publications, schoolwork, documents, teaching materials, books and memorabilia
  • PLC uniforms and related clothing in good condition
  • Items illustrating Old Collegians’ exceptional contributions to their community or public life beyond school

While we are grateful for all offers, we are not able to accommodate the following:

  • Damaged items whose care would impose substantial cost
  • Large items that could not be practically stored
  • Items not directly related to PLC
For further information please contact archives@plc.vic.edu.au. You are welcome to send your donations, accompanied by a donation form, to PLC Archives, 141 Burwood Highway, Burwood, Victoria, 3125. Australia.


The PLC Heritage Centre

Have you ever wondered what PLC girls wore to school 150 years ago, in the days when women wore full skirts and hats? Or which professions PLC women entered before graduates of any other school? Or perhaps you have wondered about the stunning East Melbourne campus of PLC that vanished forever after 75 years of operation as a thriving school?

Such questions are answered in the Heritage Centre, a museum space that showcases PLC’s rich and fascinating history. Celebrating the people, places and events that have shaped the school, the Heritage Centre is located in the centre of PLC.

The Heritage Centre regularly welcomes PLC students from Junior and Senior School to learn about the school’s past and Old Collegians, too, visit the Centre to celebrate their shared connection to a century and a half of excellence in education.

Old Collegians and other interested visitors are welcome to view the Heritage Centre, which is open from 10:00am to 3:00pm on weekdays.



Old Collegians and students volunteer their time and skills to the Archives and Heritage Gallery, assisting staff with research, displays and collection management. Old Collegians also record their personal recollections which help bring to life archival records. For further information about volunteering with the Archives and Heritage Centre, please contact the Heritage Gallery Manager on 9805 7559 or archives@plc.vic.edu.au