Founded in 1875, Presbyterian Ladies' College, Melbourne, is one of the oldest existing schools for girls in Australia with a rich history spanning more than 140 years.
As a mark of this legacy, an Archive and Heritage Centre was established to preserve and showcase PLC's pioneering place in the history of Australian education as well as to celebrate the significant contribution of several generations of Old Collegians and staff to both Australian and international communities.

The PLC Archive

The PLC Archive collects and shares a comprehensive range of commemorative materials, including books, photographs, school documentation, Council minutes, school magazines, pictures, student diaries, trophies, badges, uniforms and more.

The ever-expanding collection, located in Mollison House, owes much to Old Collegians and the broader school community who have generously donated countless treasured items and hours of voluntary service over the years.

The Archive is regularly accessed by academic and professional researchers, family historians, PLC staff, students and Old Collegians for curriculum research programs. A component of the Years 1 and 7 curriculum includes a unit examining the history of PLC, and students across all year levels regularly access the collection for research, learning and community service outcomes.

Access to the Archive is available by appointment during school terms. To arrange a visit, please contact 9805 7536 or

Archives and Heritage Centre

The PLC Heritage Centre

The PLC Heritage Centre opened in 2005 and is dedicated to showcasing a range of temporary and permanent displays celebrating the outstanding history of Presbyterian Ladies' College Melbourne.

The aim of the Heritage Centre is to foster an appreciation of the College and to play an active role in education and community engagement. The Heritage Centre provides access to the PLC Archive collections through specialist exhibitions, displaying records that exemplify both staff and students' educational experiences.

The Heritage Centre also plays a major role in former students' reunions, displaying photos, memorabilia, uniforms and Patchwork magazines for these events.  A reference space is available for researchers seeking to understand and interpret the collection more broadly.

Old Collegians and other interested visitors are invited to view the Heritage Centre during the school terms. To arrange a visit, please contact 9805 7537 or


Old Collegians and students volunteer their time and skills to the Archive and Heritage Gallery, assisting staff with research, displays and collection management. Personal recollections from volunteers and visitors greatly enhance archival records and the College welcomes donations through consultation with the Heritage Gallery Manager. Please contact the Heritage Gallery Manager on 9808 7559 or