COVID-Care in the Boarding House

COVID-19 this year definitely changed the lives of our boarders as they faced unusual circumstances together and met the challenges of being away from their families and friends. They were lucky to have each other in the boarding house and this made their times in quarantine and lockdown fun as they enjoyed the many activities organised by the very caring staff.

The girls were also able to relax in the beautiful gardens of the Boarding House where they enjoyed meals outside on the lawn, getting some sunshine, fresh air and taking some time away from their computer screens. They also had the opportunity to try cooking their favourite dishes and enjoyed perfecting their barista skills on the new and very popular coffee machine. 

Boarders participated in games nights, made face masks, decorated Easter eggs and hunted for them and shared many new experiences. Having the privilege of using the school gym and sport courts, the girls kept fit by playing tennis, basketball, volleyball or walking around the spacious school grounds.  

During the school week, they went to school, sat in designated classrooms and began their online classes. Despite not being able to see teachers and their day school friends, they were still with their boarder friends with whom they formed tighter bonds. 

This year has been a new and challenging experience for all boarders but with the extra and outstanding support of the Boarding House staff, the girls have felt well cared for and comfortable. The pandemic has brought boarders and staff closer together as they took on the challenge as one big family.