At PLC, we are committed to providing our students the best possible start with a holistic education that equips and prepares them for life beyond Year 12.

This is reflected through our Senior School Careers program which provides girls the skills and resources they need to best manage future career pathways. 

In Years 7 to 9, our girls experience a broad and balanced curriculum that nurtures the development of their personal interests and skill sets.  

Our formal Careers program commences in Year 10. Students participate in a variety of activities to develop their job-seeking skills, including the much-anticipated Year 10 Work Experience placement program.  

A Morrisby Profile completed by each Year 10 student helps to identify girls’ interests and strengths. Together with one-to-one counselling, it informs their planning for senior secondary and further tertiary study. 

Year 10 students are also strongly encouraged to maintain a Careers Portfolio, a record of their initiative, teamwork, problem-solving and other key development learnings gained from their involvement in the Careers program, academic studies and extra curricular activities. 

In Years 11 and 12, students participate in a wide range of career presentations from universities and former students. Topics are designed to assist girls as they navigate the extensive opportunities available to them after Year 12.

A personalised Career Action Plan is developed for each Year 12 student, thoroughly exploring her options after graduation. Assistance is also given to girls with their tertiary education applications.