The Inaugural PLC Gift Race

The inaugural PLC Gift was held on 25 June on the Norman Oval and saw a strong field of students and staff vie for the title of 'Champion 2019'!

A modified handicapping system saw the fastest runner (determined during pre-trials) compete from 0.00m with each additional runner receiving an incremental head start up to 20m.

In the final it was the Year 7's (Felicity, Arunika and Shin) competing for first place with Felicity claiming Gold, Arunika Silver and Shin Bronze.

In the consolation final Mari in Year 10 put in an amazing final 20m to win in fantastic form! 

You can watched the final here

The heat winners and finalists were:

Heat 1 - Annabel 

Heat 2 - Gianna 

Heat 3 - Shin 

Heat 4 - Felicity 

Heat 5 - Amaya  

Heat 6 - Arunika