Welcome to Boarding at PLC

PLC’s Boarding House, Koorinya welcomes girls from regional Victoria, interstate and overseas and is a warm, inclusive and welcoming community. When your daughter enters our modern Boarding House in the beautiful leafy grounds of PLC, she will commence a wonderful personal and educational journey which hundreds of women around the world have travelled before. We are proud of our long boarding tradition and our boarders are a much cherished part of our school community. 

Your daughter will soon feel at home in our secure and COVID-safe Boarding House and will develop deep friendships both with boarders and day girls. She will be part of an outstanding wholistic learning environment while living in a happy and nurturing “home away from home.” Through the endless opportunities provided by one of Australia’s leading independent girls’ schools, she will blossom and grow into a confident, resilient young woman with life-long friendships, ready to take on the challenges of living and working in the global marketplace.

Boarding at PLC

Our boarders have so much fun! They enjoy sharing activities such as themed dinners, birthday celebrations, beach visits and the many other creative and sporting events organised by the Boarding House leaders and staff so that the girls can relax and recharge at weekends. The girls have many opportunities to explore new interests with other boarders.

They are encouraged to venture beyond the PLC campus on the weekend and enjoy cosmopolitan Melbourne’s sporting, music and theatre scene, galleries, parks, shopping, and of course its iconic cafes! 

Our approachable and supportive staff care for our boarders and also act as strong, positive role models, helping them to enjoy the unique experience of living, studying and socialising together in a close residential community.

In our introductory “Boarding Buddy” program, current boarding students partner with newly-arrived boarding students to help them settle into life in the Boarding House, and to adjust to the rhythms of a new major metropolitan school environment.

At the beginning of the year, new boarding families join their daughters in an engaging orientation program and they too have the opportunities to meet up with other families from their home countries. They leave their daughters secure in the fact that PLC staff are sensitive to adolescent issues and are skilled cross-cultural communicators.

Our Boarding House

Our Boarding House is modern and spacious, with Wi-Fi throughout. Girls in Years 7 to 10 share two and four bedroom suites and as they get older and develop their independence, girls enjoy their own individual bedrooms in Years 11 and 12.

There are music rooms, an exercise games room, computer rooms and the dining room where students from differing year levels come together to share nutritious and varied meals. Numerous recreational rooms allow girls to socialise, relax or watch movies. 

The boarders also enjoy after-school access to PLC’s on-campus Aquatic Centre, Library, Performing Arts Centre, Art Studios and many sporting facilities.

The Boarding House atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, with routines and structures in place to assist the girls to settle in and maintain a healthy balance between life and study; work and play. Through living in a dynamic community, the girls have daily opportunities to learn respect and tolerance and to show empathy and compassion. Skills that will be invaluable in their future lives and careers.

Local Support Person

It is recommended that all boarding students have a Local Support Person in Melbourne. This person will be an important link in the network supporting your daughter while she is living away from home and should be viewed by your daughter as someone who is responsible, approachable and able to supplement the pastoral care provided by the College. They must be at least 21 years of age.
If you do not have an appropriate person to ask to be your daughter’s Local Support Person, Admissions can provide details of the professional agencies which students have used before. 

Boarding Scholarships and Bursaries

To apply for a Boarding Scholarship or Bursary, please email admissions@plc.vic.edu.au

Application for Enrolment