Scotch and PLC Family Canberra Branch Cocktail Party

On Thursday 20 July, PLC and Scotch combined to host inaugural drinks at the Commonwealth Club Canberra.

It was attended by 32 Old Collegians from PLC and Scotch from the years 1951 to 2016 and it was terrific to see 5 PLC ANU students there including Lily Cox (2016), Marion Gillespie-Jones (1964), Cate Le Mesurier (2006), Ailsa Wilson (1978), Julia Mayne (1982) and Jennie Reid (1965).

Some of the Scotch alumni attending included Paul Fitzgerald (2015), Hrishikesh Goradia (2016), Toby Warwick (2016) and William Wilson (2012).

This is the first of these events, so if you are in Canberra keep an eye out for next years gathering!