Hollywood Star Visits PLC For a Little Q&A

Our theatre buffs and aspiring actors were in absolute awe when NicholasGonzalez, star of The Good Doctor and Pretty Little Liars, popped in for a very special, PLC style, ‘Actors Studio’ Q&A this week.

Krish in Year 11 was the inspiration for his visit. She reached out to ask if he could share some insights on what it’s like to be on set and in frame on some of the biggest shows on TV.

The PAC was crammed as you could imagine. After all, it’s not every day a big Hollywood star comes to visit. And we reckon that for at least or two of the girls, a potential new career path just might be on the cards!

Our thanks to Nicholas for bringing a little Hollywood magic to PLC and we wish him all the best for his next big project.