Class of 2021 Celebrate Their VCE Results

The College congratulates the Class of 2021 who contributed to every area of school life in and outside the classroom.
In the last two years of their schooling, they faced a very difficult and challenging time due to the impact of COVID-19. 2021 however has been a memorable year, not only because it was their graduating year at PLC, but because of the way the girls embraced the adversities of their everyday life while remaining optimistic about their futures.
Despite the disruptions spanning their final two years, our girls were resilient, supportive of each other and impressive in the outstanding work ethic and perseverance they brought to their studies. They can rightly be proud of their extraordinary results.
Their grace and strength of character over the past two years has so clearly shown that the members of the Class of 2021 have the passion, knowledge and personal attributes required to start a bright future with confidence. 

The Class of 2021 VCE Results


Of the 126 students who completed the VCE:

  • 9% achieved an ATAR of 99.5+ placing them in the top .5% of Australia 
  • 17% achieved an ATAR of 99+ placing them in the top 1% of Australia 
  • 25% achieved an ATAR of 98+ placing them in the top 2% of Australia 
  • 49% achieved an ATAR of 95+ placing them in the top 5% of Australia 
  • 70% achieved an ATAR of 90+ placing them in the top 10% of Australia 
  • 86% achieved an ATAR of 80+ placing them in the top 20% of Australia 

The Median ATAR is 94.85