Year 10

Year 10 is a dynamic and exciting year for PLC students. It is here they continue to mature and take on greater responsibility for themselves and those around them. 

Outside the classroom girls have the opportunity to participate in new sports, join clubs, work in the SILK (Service, Initiative, Leadership and Knowledge) program, become involved in Social Action, participate in Bright Stars and many other programs whilst at the same time preparing to choose either the VCE or IB for Years 11 and 12.

Year 10 students have their choice of Year 10 camp with a range of exciting activities and locations on offer. 

Years 7-10 Guide to Courses

Year 10 Camps

The Curriculum

Core Subjects Elective Subjects Choice of One Language
Christian Studies Art Chinese
English Business Information and Technology Systems French
Geography Ceramics German
Health and Physical Education Classical Studies Indonesian
History Commerce Japanese
Mathematics Design Latin
Science Drama  
  Medical Mysteries and Marvels  
  Music Performance  
  Multimedia Art  
  Sports Leadership  
  Textiles and Fashion Design  
  World Food Traveller  



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Year 10 - Bright Stars program

The Year 10 Bright Stars Program assists girls in their transition to the senior years at PLC. Through a series of carefully considered and planned activities, the Bright Stars program aims to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to support their long-term personal health and wellbeing, and maximise their academic potential.

Early in Year 10 a specially designed Bright Stars day provides girls the opportunity to be inspired by motivational speakers and engage in a number of activities such as mindfulness, physical activity, self defence and personal wellbeing. 

During the evening, a guest speaker explores the importance of sleep for a young person’s learning and wellbeing, outlining practical tips on how to improve sleep hygiene.

There are also two Year 10 Careers Day that focus on job skills and give girls practical advice and tips for:

  • Looking for work
  • Writing a resumé
  • Calling and speaking with potential employers
  • Preparing for and undertaking job interviews

The workshop outlines employee rights and responsibilities in the workplace and includes a one-to-one interview role-play exercise.

Year 10 - SILK program

The SILK Program (Service, Initiative, Leadership and Knowledge) is a core component of the Year 10 curriculum and is closely linked to PLC’s Personal Development Program. It aims to put into individual practice the College’s philosophy of “leadership through service”.

The program celebrates diversity and originality and asks students to nominate an area of school life to which they would like to contribute. Limited only by the girls’ imagination, popular recent examples include being a Year 7 camp leader, helping backstage at a theatre production and editing a House magazine.


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