Heads of Boarding


Stuart and Rachel Manderson

"Boarding at PLC is a very special and social experience. 

We welcome girls from every background to our Boarding House that has a strong sense of home and where every girl can find her place. 

We are fortunate that the Boarding House is located in the heart of our 16-hectare garden-like campus, giving our girls an amazing amount of space to thrive and discover their passions. 

Volleyball is a highlight every week when it brings together girls from different year levels and we also enjoy bonfires where girls can cook marshmallows and talk or sing or just enjoy the warmth and company.

As the Heads of Boarding, we lead our community and are available as a constant point of contact for families.  We are highly involved in the day-to-day running of the Boarding House and are passionately engaged in supporting every girl’s wellbeing and learning needs.  We are well supported by an experienced team who take pride in their roles as mentors for the girls. There is care and dedication everywhere, from the kitchen to the grounds to the cleaners!

As a teacher, I enjoy the opportunity to teach girls in class whilst also engaging in the broader aspects of life in the Boarding House.  Rachel is also an experienced Occupational Therapist so she has a keen eye for areas of special need and development.

In our seven years at PLC we have had a very rich and varied experience.  There is always something new, always something to learn and every new girl that comes to the Boarding House brings something unique which helps to shape the life of our community. The most inspiring aspect is watching the girls take opportunities for leadership and our Boarding House Captains and Committee do marvellous job of organising birthday dinners, giving suggestions for excursions and encouraging the other girls in the House.

We welcome every girl interested in Boarding to come and see our House in action and we would be delighted to introduce her to PLC."  

For more information about Boarding contact Admissions via admissions@plc.vic.edu.au or call 03 9808 5811