The environment at PLC truly is one of a kind, allowing us to grow as individuals, as well as nurturing and encouraging us to be the best versions of ourselves. At school, we are surrounded by girls and teachers who inspire and motivate us to discover our passions. This accepting and supportive atmosphere allows us to grow into empowered individuals. 

The beautiful community here at PLC allows each girl to develop a greater sense of self, and mature into passionate young women. Not only does each girl support one another, but the teachers ensure they connect to not only their students, but all girls in the school. This allows everyone to feel closer to the community, a place each girl can depend on. 

We are so privileged to have access to such a wide range of opportunities, from sport to music to academics, PLC definitely has something available for everyone. The beauty in this is that each girl has the power to evolve and grow through participation. 

The multitude of opportunities available here enable us to form such valuable connections, and these connections are part of what makes life here at PLC so special. The many laughs and smiles shared with our peers in the hallways will remain with each girl forever, and contributes towards creating a positive environment for us to thrive. 

In 2019, we want to enable empowerment throughout all students. Not only is it important that each girl has a voice, but being able to use it is a vital tool. In the environment we are already in, we know this will be an easy feat, as the teachers here are an inspiration to us students. With many strong and supportive teachers already empowering us, we hope that everyone, without separation, will feel encouraged to be their true self. 

Imashi Iddawela and Hannah Harvey

School Captains 2019