We are Cassie and Phoebe and we are PLC's 2022 School Captains. Welcome to PLC!

From our first day to our last, PLC has been our second home and we can’t wait for it to be yours as well - your second home that inspires strong, capable and kind, young women and gives you everything you need to succeed in life.

Although we have only attended PLC for eight of its 144 years, we have no doubt that every member of PLC over that time has upheld the ‘grand, old name’ of Presbyterian Ladies’ College in their wisdom, grace and willingness to serve. Reinforcing the importance of cherishing our relationships, particularly amongst the turmoil of COVID-19, PLC staff and students embody its core values of courage and gratitude. They encourage us to make every second count in living our lives authentically, ambitiously and selflessly and to know that we are stronger together. 

We know that there is never enough time to experience all of the gifts and opportunities that are unique and special to our school, both academically and outside of the classroom. Provided with programs of sport, music and arts, we are further given the gift of crucial time management skills. As important as our achievements are, it is just as important to have pride in ourselves and to reflect. This is the place we know PLC to be - a place where everyone loves learning!

Throughout the years, we have often joked that we have no doubt that in 60 years time, all the PLC girls will be on a retirement cruise reunion together. This is because the bonds and the sisterhood you form at PLC truly do last a lifetime. We already know with certainty that every day we create countless cherishable memories with our friends, teachers and the PLC family, and you will too. We can’t wait to flourish alongside our sisters this year at PLC.

Cassie and Phoebe

PLC School Captains 2022