When we think of PLC, the first thing that comes to mind is the supportive community of driven, passionate and inspired girls who always strive for the best, who always look for opportunities to help others and who are keen to make a real difference. Truly, the most special thing about our school is our girls; personal goals are united and celebrated by the whole community, and each girl knows they have a safe place where they are supported by every one of their peers. The diversity of interests and talents means that girls are able to learn in their classes, among the halls and with students from across the school every single day.

Excellent as individuals and as a sisterhood, these girls reach new heights at PLC, as they are supported by a wider network of teachers and staff who all look to help the girls reach their full potential - whatever it is that they hope to pursue. This is exactly the environment that the girls continue to foster, as they empower themselves, their peers and others in the wider community, not only in their academic pursuits but also through volunteering efforts and sporting events alike. 

In every aspect of growth - be it in music, theatre, sports or academics - PLC engenders a supportive learning environment, which is further enhanced by our state-of-the-art facilities and beautiful grounds. We are given every opportunity to reach out, get involved in co-curricular activities and to broaden our horizons beyond our school; all the while being supported by the wider PLC community, which enables us to build valuable and inspirational connections.

We are so blessed to lead such enthusiastic and passionate girls, each one making up our PLC family. This year, we are stepping into the beginning of a new decade, with our vision for 2020 being to encourage girls to “take 20 to love” whether that be showing love for their classmates, friends or even taking a moment for themselves. We know that with the right support, every girl can learn and grow to become their true, incredible selves, and impart positive change in our society. 

Tash & Britney

PLC School Captains 2020