Welcome to PLC!

As your 2021 School Captains, we warmly invite you into our PLC family - a family which is here to support you from the first moment you walk through the gates to the day you leave as a world-ready, well-rounded and inspiring young woman. 

The famous quote ‘there’s no place like home’ fully describes the PLC student experience. The College’s safe and nurturing environment enables each girl to discover aspects of themselves and explore new areas of potential that they may never have known existed. 

Not only do the girls care for and support one another, but PLC’s passionate teachers are always available to assist them to achieving their very best. Within this sisterhood, girls flourish and thrive and it is these inseparable bonds that makes our community so special. Whether you are ‘giving things a go’ for the first time or striving to reach new heights, know that you will be endlessly supported and cheered-on by your friends, colleagues and staff. 

From our point of view, there is never a dull moment at PLC! Outside the classroom, the wealth of opportunities on offer enables girls to develop and grow in every aspect of their lives. From music, sports and theatre to debating and the arts, the abundance of co-curricular activities at PLC provides a rich and vibrant experience, helping drive each girl’s creativity, leadership and teamwork skills. 

Our vision for 2021 is to guide you in embracing new challenges, staying positive in the face of adversity and helping foster an environment of unity, comradery and trust. We know that when you graduate, you will leave ready to embrace opportunities and make a positive impact in the wider society. 

We are so blessed to lead such an enthusiastic and passionate cohort of girls through the journey of 2021- can’t wait to see you on the road!

Ruyi and Ria

PLC School Captains 2021