Old Collegian Wins Bronze at the Karate World Championships

Over the weekend of 5 and 6 August, Karen Guest (Beasley 1992) competed in the (GKR) World Karate Championships held in the Gold Coast.  

GKR is a traditional Japanese style of karate which is taught in a non-contact environment and promotes both character and physical development.  GKR promotes self-defence, fitness, coordination, discipline, confidence and stress relief.  

Karen won BRONZE in her event - an outstanding achievement.

Even more amazingly, her daughter Amber who is in Year 10 at PLC this year, won GOLD and was crowned the World Champion in the same category at the same event.

Karen's sister, PLC Old Collegian Lisa Beasley (1995) is their Sensei or coach and was there to see them through to their wins.

What an amazingly talented PLC family they are!  Congratulations to them all.