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In Years 7-9, boarders share a room with other girls in either a two-bed or four-bed room. In Year 10, each girl enjoys a double-room, sharing with one other girl. In Years 11 and 12, each girl has an individual bedroom, located in the living wings of our stylish and spacious new Boarding House.

Girls change rooms mid-year, providing the chance to share with different girls or, for those in the senior years, to experience the privacy of an individual room. Students' requests are taken into account when room allocations are made.

Each evening during the week, time is set aside for homework, or ‘prep' as it is known in the Boarding House. This regular routine helps to establish good study habits and is of considerable value for those who proceed to tertiary study. Indeed, boarders generally cope very well with the transition to tertiary institutions as they are already used to a greater degree of self-reliance than those who have always lived at home. Boarders also enjoy having others on hand to help with homework queries or difficulties.

Food is always important to boarders. Happily, the attractive meals prepared by our Chef and his staff from Alliance Catering provide quantity, variety and nutritional value. Special menus for vegetarians and others with particular needs are available. Weekday lunches are served on a ‘take-away' basis so that boarders can participate equally with day girls in all lunchtime and after-school activities.

A local doctor is on-call at all times. If a boarder becomes ill, she is nursed in our brand new, state-of-the-art Health Centre. However, a boarder who contracts a contagious disease must be nursed at home or at her guardian's home while still infectious.

Leave and Weekends

Girls may go shopping locally any weekday after school, or further afield on weekends when appropriate permissions have been supplied by parents and guardians.

Boarders are expected to attend the Monday evening Boarders' Chapel service, and on the weekend can attend a local church service of their family's choice.

Since it is important to maintain the closest possible contact with family, girls who live within a reasonable distance can choose to go home on most weekends or visit friends or relatives approved by their parents or guardian. Such arrangements give boarders the choice of staying ‘in' or going ‘out' each weekend.

The Boarding House is closed during school holidays and overseas students who are not able to return home will need to stay with a Guardian during these times.