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Constants in a changing world.

The world for the PLC student of today is very different from that of previous generations. Change is her constant; the world will be her neighbourhood. Travel and life in a different cultural setting are likely to be realities for the majority of our students, whether through friendships or when they travel for pleasure or employment.

Life at PLC

To prepare a young person to thrive on the challenges of a cross-cultural life is an important aspect of an education for the future. The PLC curriculum offers every girl the opportunity to develop a broad world view. The study of languages has been highly regarded from the school's earliest days and is a feature of the curriculum from Year 3 to Year 12.

Students may undertake extended language study tours to France, Germany and Japan; they may visit these countries, or Indonesia or China, for short periods as part of a school group.

And for the student who does not undertake such travel, there is the opportunity to host, or share classes with, the many exchange students who visit PLC. In both Junior and Senior Schools, an international perspective is developed across the curriculum with the International Baccalaureate an option for senior students.

Of course, the PLC Community itself, with international students and many others who have family ties with, or who have lived in, other countries, provides the ideal opportunity to move beyond the superficial and develop an understanding of cultural diversity.
The International Studies class with a student who can translate the Russian President's speech and compare it with the English sub-titles, and another who can do the equivalent when the speaker is Iranian, contribute to our world view. Those students who, in school assembly and classes, describe their personal journeys, often across several national boundaries in the space of young lives, help to shape a world view that is not threatened by difference.

So do our boarders, a group of approximately 100 students from rural Australia and many other countries. They have the opportunity to move well beyond national boundaries in the friendships they form and those friendships can involve entire families and last a lifetime.

An orientation program for overseas students and families aims to ease the transition to life in a new country with a different culture. Our cross-cultural connections program aims to bring staff and students to an understanding of the difficulties experienced when someone makes such a transition, whether in adolescence or adulthood. This is a transition many of our students will make.