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The PLC Old Collegians' Association (PLC OCA) connects over 8,000 women in more than 50 countries through a variety of programs, events and resources.

Every student of PLC Melbourne , primary or secondary, automatically becomes a member of the OCA on leaving the School and becomes a member for life.

The PLC OCA was formed in 1903 so it has been keeping PLC women in touch with each other, and the School, for more than 113 years.

Today, members can:

  • Come to an event - Learn new skills. See a film, or hear an inspiring speaker. Visit interesting places. There’s lots of variety!
  • Read the news - Find out what’s going on in the OCA section of PLC In Print, mailed quarterly. (Please update your contact details with the School whenever you move.)
  • Link up online - The PLC Connect online communications system allows you to contact former classmates while protecting their privacy.
  • Attend your Class Reunion - Held at five yearly intervals these are fun, especially if everyone comes along.
  • Contact your nearest OCA group - With 13 groups around Australia and overseas (listed on the flyer in PLC In Print), there’s a local and international PLC network for you to contact when moving or travelling.
  • Join an activity group - Sing with the Old Collegians’ Choir. Play tennis or golf. Or start a new group for your favourite activity.
  • Support scholarships to PLC - Contribute through the OCA Birthday League to the Helen Hailes Scholarship Fund for daughters and granddaughters of Old Collegians.
  • Share your resources - Become a mentor for a younger Old Collegian, offer work experience to current students, or network across various professions.
  • Lead by example - Share your ideas for new OCA activities, organise an event, or serve as a contact person for your Year group. Make your organisation dynamic – get involved!

The PLC Old Collegians' Association aims to:

  • Foster a sense of community among PLC Old Collegians and to assist them to maintain life-long contact with each other and with the School
  • Provide ongoing support for the College and its students

The PLC Old Collegians Association,
PLC Development Office, 141 Burwood Highway , BURWOOD VIC 3125 Australia
Tel: + 61 3 9805 7889 (BH)
Fax: + 61 3 9888 8273
Email: oca@plc.vic.edu.au