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Early Learning Centre

PLC’s Early Learning Centre provides an educational experience of depth and quality for pre-school girls and boys from six months to school age. Within this multi-age facility, innovative kindergarten programs operate for the older children.

Skills and attitudes developed in the very early childhood years are the basis for life-long learning. The Centre is committed to providing a secure, stimulating environment in which pre-schoolers will experience care and attention appropriate to their age and stage of learning. Developmentally based programs encourage children to become active learners and communicators. As they mature, they discover more of the world around them through creative free-play, structured activities and social interaction.

Many opportunities are provided for sharing, laughing, running, singing, dancing, experimenting, creating and expressing ideas.

Staff at the Centre are qualified in the early childhood field. They include experienced kindergarten teachers, pre-school mothercraft nurses and other early childhood professionals specifically selected for their ability to develop warm, sensitive relationships with children in their care.

Set within the beautiful grounds of the PLC campus, the Early Learning Centre is colourful and spacious, with creative design features that allow for a child's view of the world. The outside play areas invite young children to explore and investigate while providing special spaces for socialisation. Proximity to the Junior School facilitates cross-age interaction and valuable links with siblings.

Parents may park within the school grounds, directly outside the Centre.

The Centre is open between the hours of 7.45am and 6pm each weekday for 48 weeks of the year, with a closure of approximately four weeks over the Christmas vacation. Children enrolled in the 3 and 4-year-old kindergarten programs have the option to attend for 48 weeks per year (full-time or part-time) between 7.45am and 6pm or the duration of the PLC school terms (full-time or part-time) between the hours of 8.30am and 3.30pm.