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Experiences that explore each recognised area of potential are provided from Prep to Year 6. Curriculum areas are inter-related, with mastery of the English language recognised as vital to all learning. Subjects taught include;- Literature, Mathematics, Science, Information Technology, Studies of Society & Environment, Music, Art, Drama, Library, Christian Education, Physical & Outdoor Education. French is also taught at all levels.

Information Technology

Information technology is integrated across the curriculum. Classes have timetabled lessons in the ICT Centre, where each girl has access to a computer, and Apple ibooks may be borrowed for classroom use. Girls access the Internet and school servers using wireless technology. Touch-typing lessons are part of the program and commence in Years 3 and 4. Parents are not required to provide a computer for their daughter's use.

Christian Education

We endeavour to foster a happy, industrious, harmonious, caring environment in which Christian values and standards are exemplified and applied to daily life. Stories from the Old and New Testaments are central to the curriculum and help students to develop an understanding of Christian teaching. Cultural diversity is appreciated and celebrated and respect for differing points of view is encouraged.