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Computers for Learning

From Prep to Year 12, PLC’s Computers for Learning program aims to prepare students to be competent, discerning users of today's technology, confident to adapt to the changes of the future. In Senior School, one computer is provided for every 1.2 students and in the Junior School one computer is provided for every 2 students. Interactive white boards are also used to encourage explorative learning in the classroom.

At PLC, computer use is integrated across the curriculum with applications matched to individual subject content to enhance student learning. Computers are tools to aid learning; their use is not an end in itself.

All students can save their work to central servers and from Year 5 students have access to Studywiz – a virtual learning environment.

In the Junior School classes have timetabled lessons in the Computer Centre, where each girl has access to a computer, and laptops may be borrowed for classroom use. Girls access the Internet and school servers using wireless technology. Touch-typing lessons are part of the program and commence in Years 3 and 4.

In Years 7 and 8, the compulsory subject IT4Learning provides students with a strong grounding in computer and network skills, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, Internet research skills, digital images, design and movie making. The course also expects student to examine the social and ethical use of the Internet.

In Years 9 to 12, computers continue to be integrated into the day-to-day learning of students.
For instance, in Year 9 the compulsory course Outlook Learning has an IT component that investigates on-line communities. In Years 9 and 10 students learn how to use a Geographic Information System to examine human and land resource data in a graphical way.

Specialist, computer-based subjects are offered as electives in Years 9 and 10 and are included in the wide choice of VCE subjects at Years 11 and 12.

PLC's Library and Information Services provides students with access to an ever increasing range of information and emphasises the development of skills in evaluating, using and acknowledging information gathered from all sources.

A local area network extends throughout the College and PLC's Intranet allows students to publish multimedia projects using the latest technologies. Email is used extensively, and is particularly useful for boarders from country regions or overseas. PLC maintains its own Internet and Email server. Students can also access the Intranet from hom using PLC's Virtual Private

Computer Resources

Parents at PLC do not need to purchase a laptop computer for their daughter. Rather, an integrated system of desktop and laptop computers provided by the College is seen as the most equitable and cost-effective way of providing up-to-date technology for students and staff. The College supports both Apple and Windows computers.

The Senior School Computer Centre is open to students from early morning until late afternoon. Laptop use by individuals and classes complements the Centre. Wireless technology supports laptop use by providing access to servers, printers and the Internet. Support for individual work and technical problems is available from computer curriculum specialists and technicians.
Computers for student use are also located in the Library, the Boarding House, the Music computer laboratory and the Geography Computer Laboratory. 


The College uses Microsoft Office 2010 (Windows) and Office 2011 (Apple). Hence, parents are encouraged to use these programs at home. Remote access through studywiz  and the VPN allows students to continue their work at home and avoid the inconvenience and risk of carrying a laptop to and from school.